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I’m Denise, and I’m a board Certified Holistic Health Coach, focused on women’s health. Bringing you super-practical and fun support to help you feel great, take care of your body, and actually enjoy the process.

Ladies, I know you’re busy and social and need to figure out how to make this work for you. That’s why I give you 2 options to choose from.

Restore Your Gut Program

New Year Re-New You

This DIY program will give you all the info you need to clean up your diet for a full 8 weeks!

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Restore Your Gut Program


If you’re tired of dieting and excited for support, conversation, and accountability – this is for you.

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A fresh and fun approach to health & life

Diets Don’t Work!

Let me help you get away from the endless cycle of counting calories and points (yawn). Instead, let’s work on figuring out why you are self-sabotaging. Or, what your compulsive eating trigger is and how to get to the root of that before trying to drown it with kale and kettlebells. Not that there is anything wrong with that. LOL.

“I look forward to my sessions with Denise every other week because they’re fun and casual. Many of the topics we discuss are sensitive and she always makes me feel comfortable. I never leave feeling like I’m the only one dealing with my stuff. My digestion is improving, I’m sleeping better, and I’m learning to eat properly so I’m losing weight.”

– Tracy M.

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